You can call 2-1-1 for health-related information and referral to local resources. They will help with access to food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. The call is also confidential for safety and privacy. All information given is also free and accessible to anybody looking for help.

Hill-Burton Program by Health Resources and Services Administration

Here you can find low-cost or free programs. It is undocumented friendly. Eligibility is based on income and if one has health insurance or not. This website offers several types of services from finding a health center in their database to specific condition/illness programs. It offers other links as well to specific programs such as for substance abuse and mental health. PennDental is a location listed under the Hill-Burton Program, consider referring the program to a PennDental representative when inquiring for a dental appointment!

Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program and other Programs

These programs allow for undocumented immigrants to apply for low cost medical services at Kaiser Permanente. You do not need a social security number to apply. Requirements include proof of residence in an area where the program is offered as well as proof of income. I’ve been searching to see if there’s any other states that have this program, but no luck yet. Current locations include, Colorado, California, Mid-Atlantic, Georgia, and the Northwest.

National Association for Free and Charitable Clinics

This website is a database of clinics that offer free or low-cost services. One’s undocumented status does not bar them from seeking help from any of these clinics. The site also provides infographics of each state and advocacy articles. This is especially helpful for those looking for a clinic that will offer affordable care.

Out of the Closet store/pharmacy

This pharmacy offers free HIV testing without the need to fill out any paperwork. It’s trustworthy and the test results are ready in 20 minutes. This is a vital resource for the undocumented community in need of HIV testing, it’s free and does not require individuals to fill out paperwork regarding their immigration status or insurance. They have several locations across the country.

Last modified: Friday, January 6, 2023, 5:17 PM