Mental Health Guide by Informed Immigrant

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in today’s immigration enforcement environment. Not knowing what you can expect for your future, or the futures of your family and friends, is stressful. Even as you may be experiencing anxiety, you can simultaneously be connecting to community or family members in ways that produce resiliency and joy. It is important to recognize that joy and love can coexist with stress and anxiety, and all of these feelings are valid. The information below provides tips for managing the emotional and spiritual well-being of yourself and others.

These 6-week Wellness Support Groups led by trained mental health providers or registered clinicians, are designed to help undocumented people feel less alone and more understood. The weekly virtual sessions are closed; meaning that advance registration is required, with the goal of creating a confidential space where 10-12 participants can feel grounded, find community, and share their unique experiences, challenges, and successes with one another. Note: though participation can be therapeutic, the groups are not a form of therapy.

There are seven groups offered, click on the link to learn more and register!

  1. Black & Undocumented Support Group
  2. UndocuLatinx (5PM ET / 8:30PM ET)
  3. UndocuLGBTQ+
  4. UndocuWomen (Tuesdays / Wednesdays)
  5. Formerly Undocumented Support Group

UndocuHealth National Mental Health Directory by United We Dream

If you are looking for a mental health provider, United We Dream has compiled a directory of professionals in many states who are reliable, inexpensive, and are knowledgeable about working with the undocumented community. Mental health providers are helpful for a range of wellness goals such as having someone to talk to about what you are navigating in your life, or if you are seeking to heal from past experiences. The directory includes information about the professionals who offer counseling at a reduced or free price. The directory also includes information about whether the counselors provide sessions online.

A great opportunity to consider if you would still like to meet with a provider during the breaks!

Latinx Therapy

They offer many mental health resources specifically designed for Latinx communities including resources to find therapists and recommendations for mental health apps, podcasts, books, and YouTube videos.

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