Days 13-14:

Due: Sunday, June 14, 2020, 8:50 AM

1) There are two practice exams available with the PowerPrep software.  You'll take the first today/

Some time in the next two days, please take the timed exam 1, using the instructions below. Take it all at one sitting, so that you can get a feel of how tiring the exam is. You can use your experience taking the timed exam as a guide for where you need most to focus your studying.

  • Login to your ETS homepage:
  • Click "My test preparation and services"
  • Click on "Go to practice test" for the timed version of exam 1

2) Click the "Add submission" button. In the text box, indicate that you've completed the first exam and note your scores. I realize that they may be below what you’d like--that’s why we’re doing this prep course! I will record them so we can correlate your scores with those on successive practice exams and the actual General GRE scores, as well as what fraction of these assignments you do. (This data will used to improve our GRE prep course. I will never tell anyone else your scores--no students, persons outside Haverford, etc.)