Day 7:

Due: Sunday, June 7, 2020, 8:45 AM

1) Go through both the introduction and sample questions for the "sentence equivalence" part of the verbal reasoning:

2) Read the overview of the Quantitative Reasoning section:
In the above, only click on the links for the four "Quantitative Reasoning Question Types". If your major at Haverford includes significant use of math, you can skip the sample questions within these four question types. If not, you will probably want to look at the sample questions.

3) Read the review of the on-screen calculator you get to use with the Quantitative Reasoning Section:

4) Review sections 4.4 and 4.5 (about probability) of this math review document:
(If your major at Haverford does not involve extensive use of math, you should probably review the other parts of this document as well.)

5)  Sign up for the online PowerPrep software:

a.      Go to your “My GRE Home” page (this requires that you have established an account with ETS):

Note from Kate Matthews in Summer 2021, who had problems finding the correct links (she was being sent in circles by the usual links for some reason):  "I went to "My Test Preparation and Services" on the home page (after I logged in) and then clicked on "More Test Preparation and Services", which then took me to the page where I could select the practice tests."

b.     Under “Test Preparation”, click on “Free Test Preparation”

c.      Click on “Free General GRE Test Preparation Materials”

d.     Click “Learn More about POWERPREP Online”

e.      Under “PowerPrep Online”, click on “access POWERPREP Online now”

f.      Check the boxes for the top three options, which should all be $0 cost.  (The “Practice Test 1 (untimed)” has the same content as “Practice Test 1”, just without the timer.  You can decide which version you prefer, or you can sign up for both.)

g.     At the bottom of the page, click “Next”

h.     At the bottom of the page, click “Submit”.

i.       Click the “My Test Preparation and Services Link”, which takes you to

j.       You should see links to the PowerPrep Test Preview Tool, and also to the practice tests.

6) Click the "Add submission" button, and note that you have completed the above.